Publish your build as a
 Progressive Web App or Website


Publish apps allow you to take an HTML5 WebApp you've developed and use it as a Website or Mobile Website.
It will be available to end-users via a permanent URL

When you publish a WebApp, it will be hosted by EachScape, on Amazon AWS.
This ensures fast loading and response time.

Publishing your app only takes a few steps:

  1. You can ONLY Publish a Commercial Build of your HTML5 build: Generate a commercial build. (The process to create a Commercial Build is the same as for iOS or Android)
  2. After you have created your Commercial HTML5 build go to Show Builds (Under Generate in the App Level Menu).


3. Under all the builds you will see “Published builds”:



4. Select the version you'd like to publish, from the dropdown, and click Update.

After you click on “Published Builds” you will see the permanent URL that has been created.

 You now have the ability with the drop-down to assign any Commercial build number you have created to be assigned to this default URL.

This URL is a static URL for all Commercial builds you create after the first one.

 Developing for the Web 

If your Build is meant to run as Native apps and as a Website  you can  can create view that will specifically run on the web while the others will run on iOS or Android.

This is very useful when you need to access an EachScape Cloud Collection from the Web (using a computer browser) instead of accessing it through an app.

To do this, simply use a Switch View and match the system value sys:deviceClass to unknown

That condition will make that View a Web View.


In case you also have View running on iOS and Android in your Build, we assume that you have other Switch with with the deviceClass sys value set to iOS or Android.