Before creating a commercial build, you might want to review this list.
  1. Does the app have the right version number? (i.e., 1.0.0)
  2. Make sure to hide the black stripe with the app version in the final build (a check box under Edit Application: "Hide EachScape Branding" must be checked for the final build)
  3. Do you want EachScape reporting? Just check the checkbox on the Reporting tab of the app / edit page. You no longer need to configure a reporting subdomain.
  4. Have you supplied a set of credentials to EachScape (a commercial distribution profile for iPhone or a package name for Android) for this app?
  5. For Android, we must have a Builder Keystore system entry (a code-signing request) that corresponds to the Package Name (or Certificate Alias if that used). If you have not had someone on our team set this up for you, you will not be able to successfully build a commercial version of the app. In that case, please send us a package name with the details of your workspace and app to and we will create a keystore entry.
  6. Facebook apps should be taken out of sandbox mode.
  7. If you have changed provisioning settings for reporting, such as the Omniture configuration, so it points to a test environment for development, make sure it's back to the production settings before creating the ad-hoc build you will use to produce the commercial build.
  8. Ad campaigns that have been testing against test servers need to be configured properly for the targeting parameters used by the app.
  9. If the app has local data bases: Make sure they are properly configured to update.
  10. If the app is pointing to any test or pre-release servers, change the URLs to live servers.
Now build a release candidate, download the ad hoc build, and test it thoroughly. If your app relies on data updates, check that they work on the schedule you expect. (That might take a long time to test, depending on the settings you have chosen.)
Finally, if the ad hoc version is good, find that version in the Build History page and click on the button marked Generate Commercial Build. Our best wishes to you on a successful app launch!