How to add/remove devices from your Apple AdHoc Provisioning Profile


 Each time you update your Provisioning File, you need to Regenerate and reinstall the App for the change to take effect.

The following steps will allow you to add or remove devices from your Apple AdHoc Provisioning Profile.

1. Log into the Apple Developer portal.

2. Navigate to Certificate, Identifiers & Profiles.

3. On the next view click on "Devices"

4. On the next view, to add your device click on the "+" symbol on the top right.

5. In the next view give your device an intuitive name that will allow you to identify it. You will also have to put your device UDID. You can learn how to get this from your device in this article:

DO NOT use apps that claim to extract your UDID. These do not work on iOS 7. You have to use iTunes to extract this.

6. Click on "Continue" when done.

7. Now you can add your new device to your AdHoc provisioning. Click on "Provisioning Profiles" then click on the AdHoc profile that you need to add your device to. 


8. When the row expands click on "Edit"

9. On the next screen go down to where it says "Devices". This is where you can add or remove devices from your Provisioning Profile. When you are done click "Generate".

10. On the next view you can download your Provisioning Profile to upload to EachScape.

11. To upload your updated Provisioning Profile to the Builder. Go to Step 3 in this article: Creating a Provisioning File for iOS