Each build of an app contains a Device Class value as defined in the app settings (Edit App --> General Tab: Device Class.

The available options for Device Class are:' Phone/Handheld,' 'Tablet' or 'Handheld + Tablet.' The value of the Device Class will affect where an app is found within app stores (Apple's App Store, Google Play).

  • Phone/Handheld -- For building an app to run only on phone or phone like devices  (for ex, iPod Touch).
  • Tablet -- For building apps to run only on Tablets (for ex, iPad).
  • Handheld + Tablet -- often called a 'Universal Build' for building the same app to run on both a handheld and a tablet. (for ex, the same app is available for iPhone5 and iPad).

For real world context, think about looking for apps in Apple's App Store. Apps can appear under 'iPad Apps,' 'iPhone Apps' or under both. The following Device Class setting control this outcome:

  • Phone/Handheld - App will only appear under 'iPhone Apps' in App Store.
  • Tablet - App will only appear under 'iPad Apps' in App Store.
  • Handheld + Tablet - App will appear under both 'iPad Apps' and 'iPhone Apps' in App Store.