Create a Foursquare App

Log into your Foursquare account. Go to to register your app.

Foursquare Application Details


Enter appropriate values for Application Name and Application Web Site.  

Enter the text "callback://done" exactly as above for the Callback URL.

After registering, a page is displayed with the app Client ID.

Foursquare Oauth Response 
Copy the Client ID text string to the clipboard.

Add Foursquare Credentials to your EachScape App

Go to your app on

Click the Edit App button and select the Credentials tab.

Paste the Foursquare Client ID into the app credentials and click the Update button.

Add Foursquare Script Actions


There are three Foursquare script actions:
  • Log In to Foursquare
  • Log Out of Foursquare
  • Check In on Foursquare

To support checkins, only the last action is required.  (If the user isn't logged in to Foursquare, the app will prompt them before sending the checkin request.)
The Check In on Foursquare script action looks like this:

Venue Name is a required field, displayed to the user before they submit the checkin.
Venue ID is the optional Foursquare ID for this venue.  If present, the checkin will be associated with the specified Foursquare venue.  If not specified, there will be no Foursquare venue associated with the checkin.
Comment is optional prefilled text for the Comment text field displayed to the user.  The user can modify (or delete) this text before submitting the checkin.
If the Silent checkbox is checked, the checkin is submitted to Foursquare without user intervention.  (Use this option with caution.)
Reporting Value is an arbitrary text string associated with the tracking event for the checkin.