Where do I upload Launch Icon?

Under the Connect Tab, Select 'Edit' (this is where all the App related info are stored)

Under Edit, Choose the General Tab and select 'Icons':


Format Launch Icon

The icon that appears when the app is loaded on the phone needs to be supplied to EachScape Studio.

Various devices require differing sizes of icons: this varies both based on the screen pixel density and where in the operating system the icon is being drawn. If you provide an icon that measures 512 x 512 pixels, EachScape will do the rest for you, generating all the various sizes of images when your program is generated.


  • A square image 512×512 pixels
  • PNG file
  • Must have no transparent pixels.
  • The image should fill the entire square right to the edge: no rounded corners.
  • The image must not have a shine effect. That can be added in the process of building your application for iPhone.

We will use the same launch icon for Android and iPhone if you take no special action.

However, if want a different icon for Android, just supply a separate image for the Android icon. We recommend you supply a 512×512 pixel icon for this purpose as we will scale down the image. Note that no special shine, rounding or other changes will be applied to the Android icon.

Each application gets a caption below the launch icon. If the name assigned to your application is too long, the name will be truncated by the iPhone software to form the caption under the icon. So, “Too Long to Fit” might become “Too… Fit”. You should supply a “short name” to be used for your application if the working title is too long to fit on the device. It’s not a certain number of characters, but just the number of pixels it takes in write the text.