Splash Screen

This Tutorial explains:
- Where you Upload a Splash Screen
- What Splash Screen sizes for iOS
- What Splash Screen sizes for Android

Where to upload a Splash Screen
Where to upload a Splash Screen
To upload a Splash Screen go to Edit App:


Under Edit App, Under General, Select Splash Screen:

Under Splash Screen you will be able to upload the different graphic assets required to support Splash Screen across devices.

About Splash Screen

The Splash Screen appears between the time the application launches and it completes any initialization. Once submitted to the store, the splash screen cannot be changed.

Because it's a PNG, It can’t have any animated elements - If you want animated elements you can simply add them in a view following your splash screen. With this approach, you can add animated gif or even video. -

Splash screen probably shouldn’t have any advertising on it since you can’t change it out except through a process of submitting an updated application to the store.

For iOS

You should supply three images for the respective Splash fields. 


SIZES (pixels)

Handheld Portrait

1,242 x 2,688
Handheld Landscape2,688 x 1,242

iPad Portrait

1,536 x 2,048

iPad Landscape

2,048 x 1,536

The first is used on iPhones and iPods, while the other two are only used on iPad. 
If larger, they will be cropped to these sizes. If smaller, they will be scaled up, resulting in poor visual quality. 

If you would like to only target handhelds, or only target iPads, you need only fill in the relevant images.

  • If you use a 1x or 2x image for the iOS Handheld splash screen, the iPad Landscape image will be used to generate a splash screen for the iPhone 6+.
  • If a 3x image is used for the iOS Handheld splash screen, that image will be used for iOS handheld devices, but will be scaled to fit the various sizes rather than cropped. 
  • A 3x iOS Handheld Splash image should be 1242x2208px for best display on all devices.


For Android

You should supply : 


SIZE (Pixel)


720 x 1280

Tablet Landscape

1920 x 1200


We recommend the Handheld Splash be at least 720x1280, and that the tablet splash be at least 1920x1200. 

Please note that the Splash Screens 

  • always show as portrait on handhelds
  • as landscape on tablets
  • and will be scaled up/down to fit the device's display in that orientation.

If you do not provide the relevant Splash Screen images for your platform, the app will use our default splash screen images on that platform, containing the EachScape logo

Samples of the original and derived images are shown below (at 50% of their actual size).    

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