* EachScape recommendation:

You can decide to use one Transcoding Profile fits all or two Profiles.

One Profile fits all: 240kbs - 440k runs well enough (If you intend for the app to run on EDGE we recommend a max of 240kbps)

Two Profiles: Wifi, up to 800kbps-1Mbps; 3G: 240k-440k runs well enough.

In this case you solely need to have 2 datasources in the feed, the EachScape player will handle them according to the fact the app is on WiFi or not.

  • <Field_Name:videourl_low>low bitrate file</Name:videourl_low>
  • <Field_Name:videourl_WiFi>High bitrate file</Name:videourl_WiFi>

We recommend following Apple's guidelines: use m3u8 with appropriate transcoding. The first 10 seconds of each Profile ought to be max 126k then the adaptive rate will kick in.

Apple has a restriction in the max bit rate of the video file (126K, including audio) in order to be approved in the app store. See more detailed EachScape recommendation bellow:

Apple recommends using variant playlist for optimal video playing (M3U8)

The details for http://developer.apple.com/iphone/library/technotes/tn2010/tn2224.html describes the creation of “Variant Playlists” with each variant being associated with a particular quality. The description below is from that document:

  Here are some important points to consider when creating your own Variant Playlists:
  • Choosing the initial variant to be played
  • The first entry in the Variant Playlist will be played at the initiation of a stream.

It used as part of a test to determine which stream is most appropriate.

  The order of the other streams is irrelevant.
  You should create multiple playlists that have the same set of streams, 
  but each with a different first entry that is appropriate for the target network. 
  This ensures the user has a good experience when the stream is first played.

As you will notice, the decision about which video transcoding is played initially is determined by which transcoded version is placed first in the file. Apple highlighted the word “first” to emphasize this point. EachScape cannot control this but when the M3U8 file is created, the software can decide which one to place first in the file.