Variable associated to Data Sources

Classic variables are by 'themselves' without reference to external context.
Variable are global, when you set a variable based on a tap of the row it has no connection to the row after it has been set. 
But what if you need to have a variable associated to a data source?

DSVAR are variable associated to a Data Source.
 DSVAR are variable associated to each row of a Data Source.

Creating a DSVAR
The Set a Variable action take an optional data source parameter that lets you set a variable that's linked to a row in a data source.

Therefore, DSVAR are created using the classic 'Set Variable' action
But, contrary to standard variable, a Data Source is selected.
Selecting the Data Source automatically associate that variable to the current record of the selected data source.

Using a DSVAR

DSVAR are retrieved using the DSVAR exander.
The format for dsvar: expanders is similar to classic ds: expanders: 


Original ds expander is: [[ds:/feed/table/field]]
  1. field is replaced but the name of the variable, in our example: MyVar
  2. ds is replaced by dsvar
Note: The original ds expander is automatically generated when you select that datasource in the Editor

In our example we associated our DSVAR to a feed called 'Saved Photo'
When select that feed in our Editor it looks like this:
[[ds:/Saved Photos (Cloud Collection)/record/name]]

to use DSVAR we change ds and the name to:

[[dsvar:/Saved Photos (Cloud Collection)/record/MyVar]]