Formatters ~ Functions

Formatters are operators for multiple purposes.
They are used to Add, Multiply, Divide but also Strip HTML, Uppercase a sentence etc..
Formatters can be used with

  • Data Source
  • Variable (Key-Value)

For a full list of Formatter, see Formatters List


Formatter are appended to the last part of the expression (Data Source or Variables) and are separated by a colon.

[[ Expression:Formatter ]]


[[ds:/Stars/actor/name:upper]] is all caps, [[ds:/Stars/actor/name]] isn't.

Will yield:

  BRAD PITT is all caps, Brad Pitt isn't.

Multiple Formatters

You can use multiple on the same expression:

  • The first one begins with a colon
  •  Successive ones use the pipe “|” character to indicate the start of another formatter, for example

This example will first apply the “upper” formatter and subsequently the “html” formatter.

Creating Formatters

Here we provide a list of all the standard formatters, readily available.
Using native code, you can also create your own Custom Formatter.

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