Math Operations

You can do simple math using the math formatters, add, sub, muldiv and mod.

For example [[text:2:add 4]] returns a value of 6.

Or let's say the variable "counter" contains 6, here are some simple examples:


[[var:counter:sub 1]] will return 5.
[[var:counter:add 1]] will return 7.
[[var:counter:mul 3]] will return 18.
[[var:counter:div 3]] will return 2.
[[var:counter:mod 4]] will return 2. The remainder of 6 divided by 4 is 2.

IMPORTANT: You cannot directly use Decimal numbers for these operations. 
For example you cannot use : 
[[var:counter:mul 3.5]]

But you can use [[var:counter:mul 3]]
To use Decimal / Floating point and execute more complex math operations, use JavaScript.

Multiple Operations: Pipe

Also, remember that you can string formatters together using the pipe "|" character (shift-backslash on American computer keyboards), such as

[[var:counter:add 1|mul 3]] calculates (6 + 1) x 3, or 21.
IMPORTANT: There are NO space around the pipe "|" symbol.

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