Installing a Plugin

Select the Plugins tab located on the left hand side of your studio


Configuring a Plugin

Many Plugins (like AdMob, Google Analytics) require app wide configuration values (your Google account key for example).
These configurations are available from the Studio:
- Select Develop Tab (Studio)
 - From the App menu, Select Configure (Develop top) 


- Under the 'Edit Tab' then 'PLUGINS'

Supported Plugins and/or SDK

There are many third party integrations available with EachScape.

Most of them are available as Plugins, the others are directly part of the app (therefore no plugin installation are required)

Add an SDK

You can add 3rd party SDK, including your own, in EachScape.

You need to be an iOS or Android developer.

Once you have integrated a Block it becomes available as any Block you already see in EachScape.

To integrate third party code, please review the EachScape SDK Tutorial

Integrate without an SDK

Especially for Ad Server, you can integrate 3rd party services.

Ad Server are especially set up to make call from web pages.

Using the HTML Block you can make the same calls to add Ad Server to your apps.