DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP)


- Both Google DFP SDK (iOS & Android) are integrated with EachScape.
- They are available with Enterprise and some Business Plans.
- In some cases, it can be purchased individually, contact to representative for more information or email


There is nothing to configure on the EachScape Admin side.

For Google configuration review DFP Tutorial from Google

DFP Block 

DFP is accessible through the EachScape 'Google DFP' Block.

Review the DFP Test Tutorial App.

Install DFP Test in my Workspace.


The Block greatly simplify ad calls.
You simply specify the Ad Unit ID and the Ad Type (Banner, Smart Banner, ..)

You can set up the Block to use either Custom Ad Sizes or Dynamic Ad Sizes.

DFP Block configuration in DFP Test Tutorial App

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