EachScape includes integration with Urban Airship for the delivery of push notifications. The configuration requires that you collect information from the Urban Airship site. You may also need some information from Google if you are configuring the Google Cloud Messaging to deliver pushed messages to Android apps.

All configurations you set up at Urban Airship must be Production configurationsdevelopment configurations are unsupported with the kind of builds generated by the EachScape builder.

  • For iOS apps, the bundle ID used in the certificate(s) that you upload to Urban Airship must match the bundle ID(s) of the adhoc and commercial provisioning files used on the EachScape Builder.
  • For Android apps, the package name given to Urban Airship must match the one used by the EachScape Builder. Adhoc builds for Android use the naming convention com.eachscape.app123 (where 123 is the numeric ID of your app on the EachScape Builder). For commercial builds of Android apps, the package name is determined by the settings you choose on the Android tab of the App Edit page. 

One important point is that EachScape offers the option of having separate configurations for commercial and adhoc builds (both QuickUpdate and Release Candidate builds fall into this latter category). The advantage of separating these is that you can avoid delivering test content to users of an app that is available commercially. If you don't have a commercial product out or do not wish to separate these two segments, you may use identical configuration for each of the commercial and adhoc build values.

You need the following values for the adhoc build.

  • Urban Airship App Key
  • Urban Airship App Secret
  • Urban Airship GCM Project ID (GCM stands for "Google Cloud Messaging")

Note that GCM Project IDs come from Google and must be input both in the EachScape Builder and the Urban Airship site when configuring push messaging for Android devices. If you will not be configuring Android, enter the value "none".

An additional triplet of values must be supplied for the commercial build of your app. If you wish to use separate values for each of these, you may. By using the same value for the adhoc and commercial builds, any messages scheduled for broadcast delivery via Urban Airship will be sent to both current commercial and adhoc builds of your app.

To configure the app in the EachScape Builder, go to the App Edit page. On the iOS tab, select Urban Airship as shown below:

Switch to the Credentials tab and find the 6 fields for Urban Airship configuration.

Note that you must supply all 6 fields. Duplicate the Adhoc values to the Commercial fields if you wish to use the same configuration for both kinds of builds. Enter the value "none" for the GCM Project IDs if you are not configuring Android push messaging.