In-App Purchase : iOS


This is a guide to setting up In-app purchase for iOS apps.

On the EachScape Side

Create a local data source with the following columns:

- Price   *

- Product Id  *

- State *  

- Description

- Name

* required

Price, Product Id and State will be setup on the Apple end also.

- Price - The price of the product that matches Apple.

- Product Id - A unique identifier for the product. 

- State - Is setup as available  or unavailable. On device will be one of 3 states available, purchased or unavailable. Apple tracks this. You can set up as unavailable and then change to available on Apple’s.

Once your local data source is setup go to Edit App: 3rd party: In-App Purchase

- Point to your data source in the Purchase Dat Source drop down

- Point to the columns Product ID, State and Price


In your app production purchase use the tap action: InApp InApp Purchase Content.

In this action where it says Product ID point to your local data source Product ID column by tapping on the pencil and clicking on your data source and data source product id column.


Go to Edit App: Events, Select 'Purchase'

- Set the Action "Show Alert Popup" for "Purchase Success", "Purchase Failure", and "Purchase Complete".


- In-App purchase is set as default for App ID in Apple Dev Center when setting up provisioning for your app

- Setting up in-app purchase items is done through iTunes Connect

- Create your app in iTunes Connect. This can be test or the real app

- Don't upload your app for testing. Testing is done before you submit/upload your app to iTunes Connect.

- Go to your app in iTunes Connect

- Click on Manage In-App Purchases

- Click on New

- Click on create New

- Choose either Non Consumable or Consumable

- Reference Name (User choice)

- Product ID (User choice. Must align with data source column. Must be unique)

- Select Price tier

- Cleared for sale is making item available (this is where you can change a data source marked as unavailable to available on the apple end. This will make that item in the data source marked as unavailable available)

- Set price price/tier that matches your data source. (This can change on the apple end and will update local data source on device)

- Purchase state is pulled in from this Apple when app starts

- Purchase states can be changed on the fly and the app will reference Apple to confirm the product state.

Now setup a test user in the Apple Dev site under "Manage Users".

Sign out of your device you are using to test in-app purchase in Settings/iTunes and enter your new Test user account.

Run your app and test your purchase.

Additional References

- Apple in-app Purchase Support

- Apple in-app Purchase for Developer 

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