Publish Components to share across organizations

You can Publish component (Block, Layouts) to reuse these components into other projects within the same workspace or across organizations.


To Publish a Block or a Layout you must first turn it into a named component.

1. Name Component

To name a component, bring the Component Editor and select 'General'

Just give a name to your Block or Layout.

Naming your Block turns it into a reusable Named Component.

You change the name in the 'Create MyBlock Name' field under the General Tab of the Component Editor

For example 'List of Videos'

2. Find Component in 'MyBlocks'

Once a Component has been Named it becomes available under 'MyBlock' in the Component Selector.


Hover over the component to show the blue 'Publish icon'


3. Publish Component

To Publish a named Component, go under 'MyBlock' mouse over that Component.

The 'Publish' icon will appear:

   Select Publish.

4. Name Published Component

A window asking for

- Name of Publish component : That's the name which will be visible in other workspace or organizations

- Help Text: To explain what that component does.

In this example the Published name is My List of Video' 

When a component is Published, a copy of that Component is moved from 'MyBlock' to the 'Published' area.

From that point on the copy of that component is visible outside of your current Project.

5. Set Visibility

If you have the right permission, you can set the visibility of your Components by selecting the 'Grant' tab.



Only the Layout and Block Parameters are Published. 

Other dependancies are NOT available in the Published Component. (This will change over time)

What is NOT published?