Import / Export Apps


You can 'copy ~ paste' apps from one workspace to another workspace or the same workspace using the 'Export' then 'Import' feature.


To Export an app select Export from the App Menu in Develop



Export will create a zip file named like 'EachScape App (a number)'


Now can import this app using this zip file in the workspace of your choice.

Go to the Dashboard, select 'Import App' from the menu



Import are asynchronous, the app will appear in your Dashboard when the import has completed.

Cloud Collection & Imported Apps 

  • If some Cloud Collections are attached to the app they will be copied along with the app.
  • If the target directory is the same then Cloud Collection will be duplicated, they will have a number (1) for the first copy as a part of their name. The connection within the app are updated accordingly to work with the respective copies. To avoid Cloud Collection duplication and automatically connect your app to same (or different) datasources you need to use the Clone feature.


Tip: This method could be used to copy Cloud Collections, 
using the app as a 'transport' mechanism.


  • You need to use Chrome or FireFox Browsers for the Export / Import feature.
  • It doesn't work with Safari

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