Displays a list of items marked as favorites, from as many data sources as you specify, and allows deleting and reordering of them


The Layout - Favorites BLOCK allows you to provide a custom block to represent each favorite entry in each data source specified. The provided Favorite Block will handle all UI and interaction based events. If there are no favorites, and an Empty Block is supplied, then it will be overlaid on the Layout - Favorites BLOCK


Row Separator ColorThe color of the line used to separate favorite list items.
Row HeightThis is the height to display for each row
Empty BlockThis block will be presented on top of the list when there are no favorites to show.
Number of Data SourcesHow many different data sources you want this list to show favorites for.
Data SourceThe data source whose favorites the block will list.
Favorite BlockThe block that will be displayed for each favorite in the list
Editable BlockThis is the block that contains the Draggable Disclosure Icon and Delete Icon. For the Drag and Drop functionality to work properly this Block must be a Static Layout Block with the Draggable Disclosure Icon and Delete Icon inside it.
Remove ModeSets the Removal Mode of the Items in the List, if no value is set it defaults to Fling Option (Android Only)
Grabber Background ColorBackground Color of the Draggable Item
Disclosure IconImage Icon used for the Draggable Area (Android Only)
Delete IconImage Icon used for removing the Item from the List (Android Only)
Delete Dialog TextText for the Confirm Delete Text (Android Only)
Can RefreshIf the data should be refreshed from the Parent Datasource. This is for Dynamic Content. (Android Only)
Sort ColumnsPut the column names for sorting, separated by a comma. Default sorting is by ascending order. If you would like to sort in descending for a column instead, you can put " desc" after the column name. i.e. if you have a name and publishdate column you can sort by: name desc, publishdate or name, publishdate , etc.


Before Draw, Tap, After Delete