When you use the Action "Switch to Another View" you have to option to "Add to History". 

For History you can indicate whether you want to add the current view to the history list prior to switching views (Add to History), completely discard any prior history (Clear History) or just replace the current view with the new one (No Change).

The History Stack will allow the user to use a back button on the device to go back through the History Stack sequentially. Once the user goes back through the Stack then the app will ask to exit when there are no more Views in the Stack. You can also define the Switch to Another View to go to "Previous". This will go to last View added to the History Stack. 

Views in the History Stack are kept in the memory of the device. When you return to a View in the History Stack the data will not refresh (You can fix this by using the Actions Refresh Block and Refresh Data Source). All the View settings will remain. If you add to many Views to your History Stack it can cause memory issues and even crashes of your app. You should Clear History as the user navigates the app to prevent to many Views being saved in the History Stack.