Upload your own Fonts

EachScape Studio comes with default fonts. These fonts will work cross platform on both iOS and Android. Either by using the specified font or a font that is close to the specified font. You can use your own fonts in your app but fonts will need to be tested for compatibility. Some fonts will work on one platform but not the other. Some fonts will only display a subset of the font such as just italic. Custom fonts will need to be tested in the app. 

You can use TrueType fonts (.ttf) or OpenType (.otf).

To add a custom font click on "Fonts" in the Navigation Panel area of the builder on the left.

Click on "Choose File" to select the font .ttf or .otf file you want to upload to the builder. Then click "Add Font" to upload it to your app.


Now your uploaded font will be available for you within your app anywhere you get to choose the font style.

You can use your custom font in an HTML block with either CSS or inline styling.


div.title {




You can also use your custom font in a text block like this:

Subway 14 Bold #00000


A good list of compatible iOS fonts: http://iosfonts.com/

More fonts: https://fonts.google.com