Recover a Deleted App
 or Fully Delete an App

If you mistakenly delete an app you can recover your app by going into the 'Project' Tab and select the 'Deleted App' 


1. Select any app in your workspace

2. Select the 'Project Tab'

3. Select the 'Deleted App' section at the Bottom of the list

4. Select the app you want to restore

The App recovery works only for apps which have associated data sources. If your app doesn't have any data source, please contact EachScape at

Fully Delete an App
Once you have followed the steps above, you are able to fully delete an app.
If a data source is associated to an app in the 'Deleted App' basket you will not be able to delete that data source until the app is fully deleted. That is one good reason to fully delete an app.

However, once you have selected the Delete from the Deleted Applications basket, you will not be able to recover your app by any means.