Prepare an updated version your local data for Publication 

What Publish Latest does

Create an updated SQL DB on the Cloud with the latest content changes.
That Database is located on EachScape servers.
Once Published it will be ready to be installed on the Devices.
The installation itself depends on how the App has been configured.
Manage SQL DB Update

Synchronous or Asynchronous?

2 Cases:

When media content: Image, Audio, Video are stored Live (remotely) then Publish Latest is a synchronous operation. The page will refresh when the DB has been updated.

 When media content: Image, Audio, Video are stored on device in the local SQL DB then Publish Latest is an asynchronous operation. The page will refresh while the publication isn't yet complete. You will need to refresh the web page to check when the publication has completed.

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Publish Latest
SQL DB or Live Feeds
Manage SQL DB Update