Idle Refresh 

Idle Refresh is an Event to help manage content update while an app is in the background.


On iOS, the idle refresh timer is handled as follows:

  1.  Whenever the app is about to enter the background, it stores the current time.
  2. When the app is returning from the background, it calculates how long it spent in the background. 
  3. If the time it was in the background is more than the idle refresh interval, it will:
    1. Execute the idleRefresh event and then 
    2. Kick of an asynchronous task to download a content distribution patch file.
  4. The app resumes.
The app is not refreshing in the background.
It's triggering a content distribution update as it returns to the foreground.

Note also that because the update is asynchronous, there is no guarantee that it will be completed before the app resumes running.
The content distribution updates take effect when the app restarts.