The inspector allows you to debug apps built using EachScape.

EachScape Development Build include a server running on the device.

This feature facilitate debugging by providing a lots of information on the app.

Running Inspector

You can call the Inspector from the Home Help Menu


To access it, ensure your computer and your:
 iOS or Android device are connected to the same network.

Then, plug in your device's WiFi IP address and OS below.
Finally, start up EachScape Development app build, and click "Go".

Inspector launched from Help Menu

You can also Access Inspector directly from here:

Device IP:   Device OS: AndroidiOS   

Inspector Outcome

If you see this page

That means the Development App build isn't running on your device.


Launch the App.

Click the Reload button (pictured above) in your browser.

Learn More

- Build Failure

Retrieve iPhone / iPad Crash Log