Face Analyzer

Face Analyzer capture face information, including emotions.
Face Analyzer is a very general block to be used by developer.

It stores face information in a JSON structure.
EachScape variable don't store nature JSON therefore the JSON is 'flattened' into a Text Variable. A parse of that variable is required to extract the value stored in that variable. This is often done using JS.

Core Face Analyzer Variables
JSON Data Object: Name of the text variable storing the JSON data structure containing the face information.

Here is an example of JSON structure contained in the JSON Data Object Text variable when 2 faces are detected:

Multiple face [ { eulerY : "0.00", eulerZ : "3.35", height : "97.33", id : 1, smilingProbability : "0.01", width : "77.86" height: "10.56", x : "50", y : "50" }, { eulerY : "0.00", eulerZ : "3.35", height : "97.33", id : 2, smilingProbability : "0.50", width : "77.86", height: "10.56", x : "100", y : "150" } ]; Single Face { eulerY : "0.00", eulerZ : "3.35", height : "97.33", id : 1, smilingProbability : "0.01", width : "77.86" height: "10.56", x : "50", y : "50" }

Last Face Image Variable:  This is the variable that is used to store the last face detected by the block as a Base64 Image.  
As any variable it is accessible in the Variable list or directly by using an expander. Assuming you gave the name lastFaceImage to that variable, then the expander will be:  [[var:lastFaceImage]] 

Core Face Analyzer Events
Face Analyzer offers 4 Events:

Face Detected: Triggers when any face is detected. 
Useful to create a dynamic button which will become active only when a face has been detected.

Face Updated: Triggers when one of the detected face information changes. Form example, smile rate changes. 

Face Missing: Triggers when a detected face goes away.

No Face Detected: Triggers when NO face is present.

Face Analyzer is currently in Beta and only licensed to a small amount of users. 
We are in the process of moving the block to production. That process includes adding a Tutorial and app example to better explain how Face Analyzer works.
In the meantime, please contact your EachScape Support Team for more information.