Search Data Actions

Go To Matching Record belongs to a serie of Action that let you navigate a Live Feed.

Go To Matching Record searches a select column for a specific value. When found that record will be set as the new Current Record. If you have more than one matching value, Go To Matching Record will stop at the first found value.

In this example we search the Column named "UPC" belonging to the Data Source "Products" with a Search Value defined by the variable v_QRCodeValue.

If a Matching Record is found, the variable matchingUPC will be set to True (otherwise to False).

Note that the Search Value is CASE sensitive.

When entering a value directly into search value you do not need to use quote

For example if you column contain names like John or Jack, you can directly search for :  John

No 'John' or "John"


The Data Search Actions MUST HAVE the Data Source loaded to function properly.

That Means that you need to load the dependency ahead of the execution of Go to Matching Record or any Search Data Action.

To load a Data Source, simply attach it to a Block that will be drawn on screen before that action is called.

A good spot is usually the root canvas of the very view the Action is triggered from.

In the Data Management section of your Canvas Configuration enter any field from the Data Source you want to load.

(It really doesn't matter which field you select just pick one and stick it into Data Dependencies, that will load the Data Source and have it ready for the Action)

In this example we entered a field from our Products Data Source.

Other Data Search Actions :

Go to First Record

Go to Last Record

Go to Next Record

Go to Previous Record

Go to Random Record

Thes Action are available in the Action Editor under the 'Data Source' section (you can also find them by typing in the search box)