Install ScandIt Plugin

How to install a Plugin?

Once you have installed Scandit Plugin the Scandit Block is available in your Block list. (It won't appear in the most used list but you can search for it)

Install Scandit Demo app in your workspace

Before you can use the Block you will need a license key from Scandit, and configure the min OS on your app, more on this below.

Once installed you can drag & drop the block in your Layout View.

Click on it to configure it.

The configuration is extremely simple: you define a variable to store the result of the scan. That's it.

Enter Scandit License Key

In order to use the plugin you need a key from Scandit.

You can get that key by registering to download the native SDK on the Scandit Website.

IMPORTANT: License Key Bundle ID

When generating your license key on Scandit, you are asked to associate a Bundle ID.

  • If you already have an App Bundle ID, you should enter your App Bundle ID. 

  • If you do not have an App Bundle ID, enter: com.eachscape.*

You can always change your App Bundle ID later.

But you do need a correct one for the key to be valid.

The com.eachscape.* is the default for any EachScape app.

Enter Scandit License Key in EachScape.

Once you have the key you have to enter it in EachScape for the App Generator to authorize the Scandit SDK with scandit.

Under App Configuration, select the Plugins Tab

Then Scandit Core.

Copy Paste your License Key from the Scandit Site into the Scandit Core on EachScape.



Set Min OS

For scandit block to run, you also need to set up the min OS to 10.

This is also done under App Configuration.

Select the Advanced tab and add: min_iphone_version=10.0


Scandit Event.

Back to the app.

When a Scan is a complete the event 'Scanned' to let you associate any action you like